Labour and Delivery Story!

I am back!! It’s been a whole three months since I last posted because I have had something amazing happen that has occupied quite an extensive amount of my time. I feel that is now time to come back to Pandora’s Box – I have missed it terribly! Here you have it, the long awaited labour and delivery story of my son.

On the 29th June 2016, I went to my GP with a reoccurring problem – I was stopping breathing in my sleep. It had happened a number of times before and I actually woke Daniel up a couple of times when I was gasping  for air. Being heavily pregnant was putting pressure on my chest as it is, I was very breathless towards the end of the pregnancy and was snoring so badly (sorry Daniel) It was getting to the point that I was quite worried that something was wrong, and was worried that one night I might just stop breathing altogether! I called the GP and they didn’t actually have any appointments left, but the receptionist got the on call doctor to call me once I’d explained my symptoms and told them that I was 38 weeks pregnant – they got me in within an hour. Saw the GP, and he was very concerned and actually told me that I had symptoms of heart failure which was a massive shock! He called delivery suite for advice and I was told to get straight up the hospital and pack my things just in case.

I was taken in for tons of tests to see if they could find anything and after two days of being pulled about – they couldn’t see a thing. I stayed overnight in a maternity ward with Daniel by my side. But  despite having his support, I still managed to feel severely anxious and ended up having a couple of panic attacks at the hospital. Once the Doctor saw me having a panic attack, they actually decided to blame all my symptoms on my anxiety!! As they couldn’t find a physical cause for the symptoms I was having, they discharged me and put the reason as ‘anxiety’. Definitely don’t think anxiety causes me to stop breathing in my sleep! The doctor came round to see me and advised me to be induced a couple of days after my due date as my anxiety was getting worse and worse.

On 13th July, I had a sweep at the hospital to hopefully start things off naturally. The midwife said that by this point, the baby was quite far down and I was already 1-2cm dilated!! Daniel and I were bouncing off the walls – soooo exciting!! That night at around 11:15pm, after watching Big Brother at my mums, I started having contractions. The pains were coming quite frequently and didn’t feel like anything I had felt before. I suppose they were a bit like period pains because of where it hurt, but they were a lot more intense. I was texting Daniel the whole time (as he was at work at the time doing a night shift) but it got to around 1am and I decided to wake my mum up and tell her that it was time! We called delivery suite but they told me to get in the bath and give it a couple of hours. I  done as I was told, had a nice warm bubble bath,got bouncing on the birthing ball and was watched a bit of Harry Potter. At around 3am, Daniel finished his night shift and came over to my mums as I was still having contractions. At 4am, it was time to call delivery suite again as the contractions were becoming more frequent and I couldn’t feel the baby moving as often as usual.

By this time, it was light outside. I remember it being bright when we walked out – I had a whole night of no sleep already. We grabbed the hospital bag for me and the baby and I struggled to the car, stopping every few minutes to breathe through a contraction. It was the weirdest car journey of my life. Daniel, myself and my mum were having a normal conversation – getting excited about meeting the baby and then all of a sudden I would be in crippling pain for a minute or two, and then it would disappear completely and we would carry on with the conversation!! So strange.

Got to the hospital and I was put onto an oh so familiar fetal monitor. Hearing that heartbeat was such a beautiful sound. I remember looking at the monitor and seeing the numbers going higher and higher, which meant I was about to have a contraction. Each time the numbers went up I would dread the pain that was coming!

The contractions were beginning to slow down a little, and by 12pm on 14th july – the midwife decided to break my waters. I was due to be induced on 15th anyway, so they decided to get things moving before I became too tired. I don’t want to scare anybody that is currently expecting or anything like that but when the midwife broke my waters- it wasn’t the most pleasant of things! I think I had been pulled about so much by that time anyway and I was very tired an emotional so the pain and discomfort from having my waters broken was a bit distressing. They didn’t really gush out like they do in the movies – they slowly and gradually came out more and more with each contraction which was such a strange sensation! I remember trying to stop them from coming out because it felt like I was peeing!

After a couple of hours, the pain was getting a bit too intense and so I opted for an epidural which failed. The second epidural also failed and so in the end I had a spinal block. The sensation of heavy/numb legs was testing my anxiety and I felt very very trapped and started panicking a lot. I was so lucky to have such amazing birthing partners (Daniel and my mum) because they were so supportive and kept me as calm as possible! The contractions were still quite irregular and slow – the epidural didn’t help the contractions come more frequently so it was time for the hormone drip which I really really did not want! I heard from so many people that it made everything more painful and what not!! But as I had the spinal block, I was pretty numb but could vaguely feel the contractions still.

At around 7pm, the midwife examined me and I was 10cm dilated. My mum instantly burst into tears and started sobbing with joy – bless her! She was so excited, it was only a matter of time. I was given the all clear to start pushing but I found it quite difficult considering I couldn’t feel much. One thing I could feel was this horrendous stabbing pain in my left hip. The doctors became quite concerned after I was pushing for two hours because I have a lot of problems with my hip and have had a number of operations on it so it was time for them to intervene.

All of a sudden, about ten doctors and midwives came rushing into the room with big standy upy lights shining on me, and everyone had their serious faces on. That’s when I started to worry – I could still feel contractions so I had to push every time one was coming. The doctor said ‘One more push and your baby will be here’

At 9:04pm, Archie Anthony Scott Bloomfield was born via ventouse cup weighing a very healthy 8lb 15oz. A full head of gorgeous dark hair and blue eyes.


We stayed overnight because I was very dehydrated after not eating or drinking at all the whole way through the labour. I would do it all over again a million times, the day Archie was born was the best day of my entire life.

He is now nearly 9 weeks old and we are both doing well. More updates to come so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you as always for reading,

Lots of love, Laura and Archie ❤

x x x x x x x


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