Dear Diary!

Good evening everyone!

What a beautiful weekend we have had in the UK! It’s been dry, sunny and hot! (I also got a little bit of sunburn because I have such fair skin!) but it was amazing.

On Friday 6th May I finished work for maternity leave and I had such an amazing day. I thought I would make some cupcakes for my friends at work, as usually when it’s somebody’s birthday or a special occasion, people bring in cakes or chocolates or some treats to celebrate.


When I got into work, my colleagues decorated my desk beautifully and I got a card from the whole office and a Boots voucher which was a lovely surprise.


I had such a lovely day, everyone was so nice and wished me luck with my new arrival. This pregnancy seems to have gone quite quickly, I can’t believe I’m leaving to go on maternity leave already!

On Saturday the weather was absolutely amazing, so me and Daniel decided to go out to a place called Wroxham for some lunch, we had a walk around and then went for a BBQ at my mum and dad’s house. We didn’t stay at Wroxham for too long because I was getting quite hot and bothered walking around in the heat! But once we got to my mum and dad’s house, we could chill and have a nice cold drink!


It was such a lovely evening, I can’t wait for more BBQ’s in the summer, as I’m sure this is just one of many.


Today I am 31 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a coconut! He is happily kicking away, we cannot wait to meet him!

Thank you so much for reading my chatty blog post today!

Lots of love, Laura x



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