My Make-up Storage!

Good afternoon everyone and happy May Bank Holiday!

I thought I would share my make-up storage with you today, where I get ready every morning and how I keep it (somewhat) organised.


The dressing table I currently have is the MALM from Ikea, which I have actually previously posted about in my vanity tour  last year. I am still in love with it, although it only has one small drawer, I’ve recently realised I could probably do with a few more drawers!

I have been collecting make-up for quite a while now, but I am still always adding to my collection so that I can review and try out new products as much as I can.


I bought these plastic make-up organisers from Ebay last year and I am still loving them, I could definitely do with another lipstick holder though. I like to keep my lipsticks on display so that I don’t forget about any (it sounds silly but if they are tucked away I struggle to remember to get them out again!) When I have collected more lipsticks, it would be pretty cool to have one of these holders for each brand of lipstick, so that they all match!


In the top drawer of the make-up organiser, I keep all my mascaras. It’s nice to keep them all together so that I can pick out the one I want to use easily. Sometimes I’ll use one mascara for like a month and then change it, sometimes I use two at the same time. It all depends!


In the middle drawer, I keep all my eye liners. I have quite a variety of pencil and liquid liners in different colours and textures. I have been collecting these for a while because they are great for creating different ‘looks’


In the last drawer I keep lip glosses, lip liners, lip tints etc. As I am loving matte lips at the moment, I haven’t been reaching for this drawer as much as I usually would but I think now that the weather is changing and summer is just around the corner, I will be using these bright and gorgeous glosses more. As you can probably tell, I love pink lips!


In the dressing table drawer, I have three plastic dividers that I bought separately from Ikea. These are so handy for keeping my make-up organised. In the first one, I keep mostly foundations, concealers, primers and BB creams. If I could, I’d probably have a different section for each type of product but at the minute there just isn’t enough room, so I keep all ‘base’ things altogether. I usually go for the shade ‘ivory’ in my foundations, but I occasionally buy a darker shade in the same foundation for when I fake tan or go on holiday. Hence why there are a few of the same foundation in my drawer.


The middle section is pretty messy at the minute, it keeps all of my powders, bronzer’s and blushers. I love to try out all different types of powders and bronzer’s because I like to find the most perfect ones! I am going to be re-organising this little part of the vanity because it just seems a bit messy so I will be doing a bit or re-arranging!


The next part is my make-up brushes. I still have the same holder as I did in my vanity tour last year because I am still loving it. It’s actually a toothbrush holder from Asda, and is wide enough to fit quite a few brushes. My next purchase I think is going to be the real techniques Your eyes/Enhanced starter set, so that I can work on my eye shadow looks more.


I keep all my eye shadow palettes in this make-up case because they don’t actually fit in my dressing table which is a bit of a pain.


I got the make-up case from Primark a while ago, I know they still do these style of cases in store but I’m not sure about this particular one. They are so handy to have and have so much space in them.



I keep my ‘every day’ make-up in my Ted Baker make-up bag on the side of my dressing table so that I can access it easily. It is basically just full of my favourite make-up products that I use almost every day.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, what does your make-up storage look like?

Lots of love, Laura x




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