Get to know me! 

Hello everyone! 

I am so lucky and grateful to be receiving more followers every day, I’m so pleased people like reading my rambles! I thought I would share some facts about me so that you can kind of know the person you’re reading about! 🙂 

  1. What is your full name? – Laura Hannah Bezants. I was named after a song that my dad liked I think. 
  2. What was your upbringing like? – it’s quite hard to answer this question. The only memories I have from my childhood are happy memories, I was brought up in a safe and beautiful village with my both my parents and my older brother Jordan. We weren’t spoilt children but we were never deprived of anything, we were never told what to do, just shown in the right direction then we were allowed to go off and do our own thing. I want to bring my boy up as well as my parents brought me up. I’ll always be grateful for the brilliant start in life they gave us (feeling a bit emosh tonight – blaming it on the pregnancy hormones) 
  3. If you had to describe yourself in five words, what would they be? – I think I would probably describe myself as caring, obsessive, maternal, imaginative and impatient. Take them all as you will, some good and some not so good but all of them I would say describe my personality perfectly. I am very caring and I worry a lot about other people and how they are, I feel sorry for people a lot too. The obsessive side of me comes from my anxiety and emetephobia, I obsess over things way too much which people have often picked up on: for example, sometimes I will ask a million questions so that I can take control of a situation to avoid becoming ill- part of my phobia unfortunately! I am very maternal, and have always been the ‘mother hen’ in friendship groups and with younger relatives etc. Now that I’m a mum-to-be, my maternal side is out to stay! I would like to say that I am quite imaginative, since I was young I have always enjoyed writing stories and coming up with fun ideas. And lastly, yes I am really impatient, it’s not a good thing at all, but I struggle to wait for things, I know people say ‘good things come to those who wait’ so I need to work on that! 
  4. What would you most like to learn and why? – I could probably write tons of things here because I don’t think you could ever know too much! But I’m going to go with languages. I’ve always been so interested in different languages and how others speak, I find it fascinating! I would love to be fluent in many different languages! 
  5. Which of your parents are you most like and why? – I genuinely think I am half of my mum and half of my dad. I have the height (kind of) from my dad, and have blonde hair and blue eyes like my mum. I am soft yet serious and academic like my dad but I am cuddly and maternal like my mum. I would like to say that I am half of both of them, because I admire them both. 
  6. What really gets under your skin and makes you mad? – you know when you watch things like Jeremy Kyle, and some people are just so (I want to say stupid but I don’t want to be so judgemental) but you get what I mean. When someone makes a ridiculous racist comment or have very disgusting views about disability, it makes me mad and upset. Also, something minor – I can’t stand hearing people chew!!! Gross.
  7. How do you handle your anger? – most of the time I don’t really handle it, I very rarely get angry to be honest but if I do, I cry. Yeah I’m one of those, I’m an emotional angry person and get overwhelmed quite easily. 
  8. What do you think happens when we die? – what I think and what I would like to think are two different things. I would love to think that there is something more out there, some sort of afterlife and that we live on in other things and I really do hope that is true but I don’t think it is, unfortunately. 
  9. What was your dream job growing up? – surprisingly, I actually always wanted to be on stage as a child. I wanted to be the whole package, singer, dancer and actress. I had such a passion for it after going to the theatre so much as a young girl. As a matured and learned that I actually couldn’t sing and wasn’t very confident, I dreamt of being a midwife which is completely different! 
  10. How would you survive a zombie apocolipse? – if Daniel is reading this he will probably be laughing because he knows how many nightmares I’ve had about this. Thing is, I love scary movies, if it be a serial killer or some paranormal haunted house but throw zombies in and I’m freaked out. I don’t know what it is but they really scare me! I think I would do my best to stay the hell away from them, take a big object with me and stick with the crowd, I’d probably just take a leaf out of Simon Pegg’s book in Shaun of the Dead. 
  11. What was your favourite subject at school? – Definitely English, I loved it. Reading and writing has always been a passion of mine and I also had some really inspiring teachers. 
  12. What is the last thing you bought? – it was a few days ago but I think it was the Real Technique brushes because who can resist some new makeup brushes?! 
  13. What makes you cry? – well, as you know I’m 7 months pregnant so at the moment, anything can trigger the waterworks!!
  14. If money was no object, what would you do every day? – I would probably do something different every day, go on adventures, try out new restaurants, visit new places, show my boy how beautiful places can be. But I would still have my cosy days. 
  15. Where were you born? – I was born in Norwich which is a city in England. 

What sort of things would you like to know about me? Thank you so much for reading! 

Lots of love, Laura x 


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