5 Things Mums-To-Be Don’t Want To Hear

As an expectant mum, I know full well that us pregnant ladies are a little bit sensitive sometimes, we take things to heart and get offended at what should be a compliment. However, there are some things we really do not want to hear, either we’ve heard it all before or you just aren’t helping!

  1. You’re bigger than I was at full-term – like I didn’t already feel like I giant whale, I definitely do now!
  2. Just you wait until the baby arrives’if we say we are tired, we don’t need you to tell us how tired we will be when the baby is here. We already know that – being pregnant is just bloody exhausting!
  3. (inserts labour horror story here)ย – please do not tell me how horrific your labour was, how painful and traumatising it was, I’m already petrified and expecting the worst (regrets watching one born every minute)
  4. Have you got a name yet?’ –ย Yes. I do but lets be honest, there is bound to be somebody that’s not fond of that name or hated someone with that name so I’ll just go with no.
  5. ‘You must be ready to pop!’ –ย Actually, I’ve got another two months to go….but thanks for the compliment!

What sort of things would you not want to hear being pregnant?

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Laura x




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