Journey to Parenthood!

Dear beautiful bloggers,

Yesterday, I decided to upload another YouTube video, but this time it was with me actually speaking to the camera. I have been wanting to do this for so long but I really haven’t had the confidence to do it. I started slowly recording myself doing random bits and bobs around the house for a while, to get myself used to speaking to a camera. Then yesterday I decided I was going to try and film a whole video and see what I thought of it.

The next dilemma I had to face was actually choosing what to talk about. I have previously made a YouTube video but it was just me putting on make-up, sped up to some music so I wasn’t speaking. It had to be something I was passionate enough about that I could sit there and talk for 10 minutes or so. And to be honest, as soon as I went into my baby’s nursery for inspiration, I just knew it had to be a baby clothes haul.

I shot the video the first time, with my mum’s old digital camera that can also record videos but the audio isn’t fantastic. Because I am a beginner in this YouTube/Blogging world, I don’t have the best equipment for the job – yet. I watched the first video back and surprisingly didn’t cringe the whole way through (which I 100% thought I was going to do) but being 6 months pregnant, I could see myself getting quite out of breath and trying to rush through all of the clothes and details. So, I shot it again. This time on my laptop webcam – not advised. Yes, I could see myself and knew what I looked like and could see that I was in shot and what not, but the quality was so poor and the sound was very muffled (if that’s a word) and was even worse than the old digital camera.

So, I scrapped them both and decided to shoot a third video on the camera. When I watched it back, I could tell that I was a little more confident in front of the camera and had kind of already broken the awkwardness by filming it twice already! I got cracking and decided to edit it that night (by the time I had actually finished filming it was about 23:30) Once I have got my mind set to something, I have to do it there and then. I custom made a thumbnail for the video and edited the whole thing in that same night. Though, saying that I didn’t go to sleep until about 03:30, when my boyfriend was coming in from his night shift.

The whole filming and editing part was a lot more fun that I had imagined, I can see why a lot of people take this up as a regular hobby because although it does take a lot of time and effort, it is loads of fun to do. I can’t wait to film my next video now!

Daniel and I have been discussing making vlogs before, during and after our baby is born, (obviously not the gross part of the labour) so that we have regular videos to look back on when our son is grown up and also he will be able to see our life before him, preparing for him and our excitement of him entering the world. I have watched a few vloggers that have filmed their journey to parenthood and I just think it is a wonderful idea. I’m lucky enough to have a partner that supports me doing this and is willing to join in with the fun – because that’s exactly why we will be doing it – for fun! πŸ™‚

I would also like to do regular pregnancy updates on camera, showing how my belly is growing and what sort of things I have been experiencing through the pregnancy because again I think it would be lovely to look back and remember.

I have linked my most recent YouTube video below, please give it a like and subscribe because there is loads more exciting things to come and I am a newbie so tips and advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love, Laura & Bump x



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