Good evening everyone!

I thought I would share with you my nails of the day!  I am forever repainting my nails and trying out different colours and different brands of varnishes. Today, I have decided to go for one of my favourite colours….PINK (with a hint of glitter).


My nail choice of the day comes from these beautiful Ciate box sets. I got both of these for Christmas and I have been absolutely loving them since.





I think these were both in the Christmas edition as they are advent calender themed, but the colours are still available to buy separately. In this box, you get a mixture of 24 mini paint pots, glitter sprinkles, sequin blends and caviar pearls.


Out of this box, I have used the polish ‘Raspberry Collins’ which is pretty much like a hot pink colour. It is super pigmented and goes on absolutely gorgeously. For some reason, I always use three coats when painting my nails, just because I think it makes the colour stand out more and prevents chips as long as possible. However, I think you could definitely get away with two coats. To get the most out of this polish, I would use a base coat and a top coat (this particular box set comes with both a base coat and top coat- bonus!)

Over the top of my hot pink nail polish, I decided to paint my ring fingers with a little bit of sparkle. The bottle that I used comes from the box ‘Ciate London Mini Mani Month’ and is called ‘purple rain-bow’ I have always loved sparkly nail polishes because they are just so so gorgeous and hardly ever chip. Sometimes they can be a little bit of a nightmare to remove, but that is why I absolutely make sure I have either a colour or a base underneath to make it slightly easier to remove. I don’t put a top coat over glitter polishes as it can make it matte.


This box comes with 22 mini paint pots and nail toppers (glitter, sequins etc.) it also comes with a full size bottle of nail polish and a glass nail file.





I have actually tried almost all of these colours and there aren’t many that I wouldn’t use. In this particular box, it also contains three different types of treatments which I am yet to try: ‘bloom boost’ ‘knight in shining amour’ and ‘nail gym’.

I started off today by filing my nails down a little, I have been keeping them quite short just lately because they are growing soooo quickly (must be a preggo thing) so I have to keep cutting them and starting from fresh which I quite enjoy doing sometimes!


Then, I apply the base coat I mentioned in the first Ciate box set which dries so quickly! (I’m so impatient when waiting for nails to dry, hence why my nails almost always smudge!) 1

Then I added the colour – once the three coats were dry I added the sparkle!!


I’m sorry about the quality of these pictures – I had to take them with my phone and the lighting wasn’t great! 


These are my nails of the day and I loveee them! What do your nails look like today?

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love, Laura x




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