Delivery suite?! 

Good afternoon everyone!

It is safe to say that last night was one of the scariest nights I’ve ever had. I wasn’t feeling too great yesterday, just wasn’t myself and felt rather poorly and I didn’t notice the baby move for quite some time. The baby often does this, makes me worry and a few hours later he’ll be kicking away like nothing’s happened.

So I decided to give him a little while, as he was very active the day before, maybe he was just tired and needed some sleeping time. It was getting quite late and still no movement so I decided to have a warm bath, that usually gets him moving – I think he likes baths! But it didn’t, so as you can imagine I was freaking out a little. The midwives advised me that if this happens, I am to lay down on my left side, drink a very cold glass of water and eat something sweet. You are told to lay there for a couple of hours and if that doesn’t get the baby wriggling then you need to call someone.

As Daniel works nights, I was home alone and very anxious. I called medicom at around 12:30 and explained the situation. The midwife told me to contact the Delivery Suite directly at the hospital. Doing as I was told, I contacted them and again explained my situation, she asked me to come in to the hospital as it couldn’t wait until morning.

Delivery Suite – but he’s not ready to be born yet. I’m only 26 weeks pregnant! 

I called frantically called Daniel and luckily he was able to come straight home from work, if he wasn’t able to, I don’t know what I would have done! We drove straight up to the hospital and got checked in at the Delivery Suite. I have worked in the Hospital previously, so I am quite familiar with it, but never have I been to the Delivery Suite, I expected to walk into an excited environment but it was everything but. There were loads of rooms with the doors closed and women inside screaming. If I wasn’t scared about labour, I bloody am now.

We were given our own room and were told to get comfortable as it will be a long night. A few hours passed and we got seen by a midwife and I was hooked up to a machine that monitors the baby’s heartbeat. As I was being hooked up, I felt a couple of kicks. The relief flooded my body and I couldn’t help but think ‘you little sh*t – making us worry like that’ I told the midwife that he’s starting to kick (this was around 2:30AM) and she said we will just get it checked out to be sure.

I was hooked up to the heartbeat machine for half an hour and we could hear our little man’s heartbeat banging away. It was like music to our ear, we both couldn’t stop smiling. And like a little footballer, he was happily kicking away like nothing had ever happened. The midwife came back in and was happy with what was printed out, heartbeat was lovely and he was moving again so I was discharged at around 3:45AM.

There are two conclusions to our very scary night:

  1. Don’t take any risks, if you are pregnant and you don’t feel right or your baby hasn’t moved for a period of time, give them a call. The midwife actually said to me that next time (hopefully there isn’t one) make sure I call sooner as I left it quite long and I shouldn’t hesitate to call them even if it’s for advice.
  2. I am 100% not ready for the whole labour side of things, going into that delivery suite really freaked me out, I sat and spoke to Daniel and said next time we are here (hopefully) we will be having our baby. The ‘not knowing’ or the ‘unknown’ scares me, and going into the hospital, not knowing what is going to happen is a really strange thought. I will be giving birth to a baby and it’s going to bloody hurt! I think it all hit home with all those women screaming, we could hear them from inside our room, I think I need to mentally prepare myself for that part!!

Baby Bloomfield is happy and kicking away this afternoon which I’m so relieved to say – he just fancied giving us a bit of a fright yesterday!

Hope you are all okay,

Lots of love, Laura & naughty bump x


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