Primark nails review! 

Having a little rummage through my nail varnish drawer and I came across a pack of stick on nails I purchased a while back. 


 I’ve actually bought a few different packs of these but I decided that I fancied a nice simple French manicure this time. They are all £1 each and come with 24 nails, in all different sizes, with nail glue. 

How to apply: 

It’s really quite simple, as they are press on nails, you literally apply a generous amount of glue to the nail, and press the nail onto your nail. You will need to hold it on quite firmly for a couple of minutes until it is completely stuck. If the glue spills out around the nail, I would just make sure you wipe that away as it can get quite messy! I file them down just a little bit and then they are done! 


If you are due to go on a night out or you have a special occasion to go to and you don’t want to dish out £20-£30 to get your nails done then these are perfect. They are ideal for a one off occasion because they are cheap and look really good. 

The only problem I have found is that they don’t last very long, they will stay on all night but you may find you’ll start to lose a couple here and there if you keep them on for too long. If you are using them for an occasion or night out, I would probably advise to take the glue with you, just in case of any accidents! The good thing is, when you actually want to remove them, they aren’t an absolute nightmare to get off – which I have found when I’ve had fake nails in the past, it can be really quite painful to remove them!


I really love these nails, they look natural and Primark do so many different patterns and shapes for only £1, personally I don’t think you can go wrong!! 

What false nails have you tried and enjoyed? 

Lots of love, Laura x 


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