Chatty Post!

Good afternoon!

There’s something about Friday’s that I just love. The end of the week feeling, the beginning of the weekend. My boyfriend Daniel works nights but has Friday and Saturday nights off so that adds to my Friday feeling. AND I have my friends over on a Friday night to watch soaps & Netflix and eat a ton of rubbish. So, that is pretty much my plan for tonight, then get cuddled up in bed and catch up on all the YouTube videos I watch.

Daniel and I have had a very relaxed day today, we had a little bit of a lie in (Daniel especially as he doesn’t finish work until 3AM) I got up and had my bath, done a little bit of housework, had lunch and chilled! We also have a very relaxed weekend ahead of us, we might go shopping for the baby’s nursery bits and bobs on Saturday which I am so excited about – there’s something so satisfying about looking at dinky baby stuff.


We are thinking about getting something like this as it is quite light and fresh, and we can put either yellow, blue or grey accessories in the nursery too. As we are currently renting our flat, we can’t really put any paint or wallpaper on the walls to decorate, so getting something quite patterned for the bedding will give it a little bit of character.

On another note, our other babies (our guinea pigs) keep fighting. They have just had quite a big bust up and now they are both chattering to each other! We were advised that you have to keep guinea pigs together because they tend to get very lonely and depressed if they don’t have a friend to keep them company, so what do you do when they are fighting?!

guinea pigs

Obviously on this picture they look like the best of friends but they aren’t always this angelic! Today was the first time their bust up was quite vicious, there doesn’t appear to be any blood but there is a lot of clumps of hair scattered around the cage.

They used to share a bed (big igloo hut thingy) but one of them would sleep in it and the other would lay outside, usually it would be Albus that would sleep inside and Percy (the more shy one) would sleep outside it. Since then, we felt sorry for the pig that didn’t sleep in the hut, so we decided to buy them their own houses which did stop them fighting for a little while.


They have got food in their cage so they weren’t fighting because they are hungry – which they often do before their feed. Does anyone have any piggy tips to help our little ones from fighting?!

Because of the lazy day we are having today, I decided to be a little bit lazy with my hair as well and give it a break from all the heat I put on it during the week. After washing my hair, I brushed it and found my parting and just scrunched it a little.


I do apologise for the very random and chatty blog post today! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Laura x





3 thoughts on “Chatty Post!

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    I heard back from my friend already!

    Male piggies (boars) tend to go through the same mating frequency that most animals do – particularly in the spring months/days get longer. This is a natural behavior, usually spurred on by the ‘need’ for lovin’

    What I’ve found is that when the boys are in fact fighting, I separate them into divided quarters for the time being to let them cool off a bit. In my case, I’ve got an enclosure that allows me to separate them – but they can still see & ‘talk’ to each other (Which is required of most guinea pigs) while not being able to squabble. Depending on how they react, they can be kept separate for a few hours – or as long as a few days.

    It might also be that they are peeing for territory – which also is a normal behavior of guinea pigs. It would be advised to clean out the cage COMPLETELY – and washed down with a mild but strong detergent as well as the pigloos/houses and a complete change of the bedding material.

    If it continues beyond that, a trip to the vet may be in order – but that is only if the washing & separate time is not a working solution.

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