Asos maternity wish list!

Almost 26 weeks into my pregnancy, I’m struggling to find things to wear and cover my growing belly. Spring is here and all I have are thick jumpers and leggings that properly fit me, so what better than a big old maternity wish list. Of course, I can’t afford to buy all of these things at once but I thought I would give myself and you guys some inspiration.

image1xxl.jpgStarting with the basics; I have chosen some leggings. These come in a pack of two, they are full length and are over the bump which I absolutely love because it’s a lot comfier than thing tight below the bump, it digs in. These particular leggings are machine washable and are suitable for all stages of pregnancy. I find that leggings are so easy to wear and can pair them up with almost anything.

Price: £22




image1xxl (2)I have also chosen these three pack vest tops. I almost always wear a strappy top underneath my clothes, especially when it’s still a little bit chilly outside. Also, you can pop one of these on with a pair of jeans when its warm and dress it up with a necklace or small scarf. Like the leggings, these are designed to fit all stages of pregnancy. I always have a strappy top or two in my drawer, but the ones I have at the moment are starting to get rather tight around my boobs and belly so you can’t go wrong with these!

Price: £12.99



image1xxl (3).jpg

To add a splash of colour to my new spring wardrobe, I have chosen this gorgeous shirt. I thought it would look amazing with either jeans, leggings and even a maternity pencil skirt to smarten the outfit up. Something about this shirt just stood out to me, I think it’s because it looks so comfy! You can wear it casually and also dress it up like the model has in the second picture. She has dressed it up with a pair of black heels and a small black clutch which I think is a great idea if you’re heading out to dinner or meeting up with friends.


Price: £36



image1xxl (4)I know it’s spring and I should be choosing items that are different colours but I can never help but get drawn into a simple little black dress, I just absolutely love things like this. When the weather is a bit cooler, you can style it with a cardigan and tights, and when it’s hotter, with a pair of sandals and a sun hat. As I’m going to be rather pregnant in the summer, I thought dresses like this will be perfect for those days when I need to stay cool. This is soft touch jersey material so I will stay nice and comfy too. I really like how the embroidery detailing comes just above the bump, shows it off just that little bit more!

Price: £30



image1xxl (5)This dress is one of my favourites because it’s also a nursing dress. The top layer of the dress can be pulled over to make nursing easier which is such a great idea. Again, with this dress you can dress it up or down because it’s quite simple and sweet. Dresses like these are very versatile, and navy is a nice alternative to black (which I’m trying to steer away from!)


Price: £28
















image1xxl (6).jpg



I have been searching for a while for a nice dress to wear at my baby shower. Something along the lines of this dress would be perfect. It is floaty and pretty which is ideal for the summer – I believe my baby shower is in June, so this dress won’t cling to me and make me even hotter! It looks like it is made really well and it is fully lined and suits all stages of pregnancy. The  back has a small cut out which I think adds that little bit more to the dress, ironically. I first saw this dress on dolly bow bow’s Youtube channel and thought it would look so cute on. To my surprise, they make it in maternity sizes too!

Price: £45



IMG_1842As well as being comfortable in the day, it’s still so important to be comfy at night. Not only is my belly growing but I have noticed a bit of a weight gain too so my pj’s are a little snug. These ones look so cute and are also nursing pj’s so I can wear them when the baby is here too. They are made specifically for pregnant women so I know they will be really comfy. I think maternity pj’s are a must-have.
























Lastly, I have chosen this maternity nursing essentials hospital bag. It includes a jersey cami with drop-down cups for nursing, soft-touch  jersey trousers with fold-over waist band, soft-touch jersey nightie with double layer for nursing, thick warm socks, striped eye mask with elasticated insert for adjustable fit and it all comes in a striped drawstring bag. I think I would definitely use all of these items when in hospital because everything is comfortable and maternity suited. Obviously, these would just be a couple of things that I would take to the hospital with me, as I am a big over-packer!! If you would like to see a ‘what’s in my hospital bag’ then please let me know!


Price: £50


Those were just SOME of the things I picked from the ASOS website, I could have probably picked pretty much everything. I am also searching for some maternity maxi dresses for the summer – if any one has any suggestions as to where I can find some then I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love, Laura & bump x



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