What to expect when you’re expecting!

So… you’ve done about 5 million pregnancy tests and you’ve had it confirmed that you’re having a bundle of joy soon – but what happens now? Apart from the obvious growing belly and the possible morning sickness, what is going to happen? Well my friends, I will give you a very honest list of things that may happen during your pregnancy.

Sex life? What sex life?

In my first trimester especially, my libido was almost non existent. Not only could you suffer from nausea and/or morning sickness, the last thing you’re going to want do is get intimate with your partner. You’re probably not even going to want it, but if you did – chances are you’re too sick anyway!  (this will probably be the complete opposite in your second trimester)

Weird dreams

This is something I did not actually expect to happen what so ever but due to the change of hormones, your dreams go craaaaazy (well…. mine did anyway) I’ve had nightmares about Zombies and about my partners brother being a serial killer!! I’ve also had dreams about kissing Danny Dyer and being part of the Pretty Little Liars… you may already have weird dreams as it is, but just be prepared!

Bleeding gums

You may have already heard of this one but I didn’t until I actually experienced it and googled it! When I have recently been brushing my teeth I have started to notice that my gums blue, not sure exactly why this happens but I’m sure there is a scientific explanation out there! Oh and also, brushing my teeth makes me gag, a lot. A lot of other pregnant women I have spoken to have said the same thing – bizarre!

Touchable Body Parts

Yeah… as soon as you announce you’re pregnant, people are going to want to touch your belly a lot! Even if you don’t even have a bump yet, they still want to touch it. At first I was a little bit self-conscious about people touching my belly but it is quite sweet especially if they can feel your little one kicking away.

Different Cravings

Now I knew I would probably get cravings for weird and wonderful foods but what I didn’t realise is that these cravings could change daily… one minute I will eat a whole 6 pack of yoghurt, then I will eat two punnets of strawberries or a tub of ben and jerry’s ice cream. The list is endless for the amount of food I have craved since being pregnant – I haven’t just had one or two specific foods that I eat constantly! This might also sound really crazy but I’ve also been really feeling the need to be warm, so I’ve been ‘craving’ hot baths and I’m desperate for the summer to be here, all I can think about is having a summer holiday! I don’t know whether this is even pregnancy related but I’m usually a winter girl who loves getting cosy and snuggled!

No Leg Hair?

I don’t think I am the first person to report the decrease in leg hair growth whilst being pregnant. I have no idea why this is, because everything else seems to grow at a faster pace e.g. hair, nails etc. but for some strange reason, my leg hair has not been growing quickly at all, which is obviously a great thing as trying to shave your legs in the bath with a beach ball in the way can be quite challenging!

Every one is different!

One of the most important things to remember when you’re pregnant is that you absolutely must not compare every inch of your pregnancy with other pregnant women. For example; just because one person has felt the baby kick at 16 weeks, does not mean you will. Some women don’t feel their baby kick until 25 weeks. If you’re  at all worried or concerned then you should contact your midwife/doctor to ask for professional advise because you’ll probably end up worrying yourself sick if you google every symptom you have (oops… learnt from experience)


The best advice people have given me is to enjoy my pregnancy, I’m 25 weeks already and it’s completely flown by! It definitely isn’t a walk in the park, your hormones are all over the place and your body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going BUT you’re making a beautiful little human and it’s the best feeling ever. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! (and try to get as much sleep as you can before the little one arrives)

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love, Laura & bump x





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