Emetophobia update.

Good evening everyone,

Since posting about my Emetophobia last April, I have had a lot of responses and queries from people that are also looking for help for their phobia. I posted that I had recently purchased a workbook called ‘Cure your Emetophobia and thrive’.

Since I last posted, I had put my therapy on hold and tried to deal with the phobia and anxiety by myself….didn’t happen. I have been having panic attack after panic attack and been signed off work further three times by the GP.

Daniel and I moved into our own flat at the end of September 2015 and by November 2015, we found out we were expecting our first baby. Unfortunately, morning sickness kicked in quite badly and I was bed bound for a couple of months. I decided enough is enough and I absolutely must get some professional help for my phobia of sick before our baby is born (JULY 12th- SOOO EXCITED!!!)

Last week, I managed to get in contact with a therapist in my local area that specialises in Emetophobia. Luckily, she is also a trained Consultant in the course that is mentioned in the book that I had been reading: ‘Cure your Emetophobia and thrive’ Today, I had my first therapy session with her. I was very excited and nervous about the whole thing to be honest. Obviously, I was sceptical at first because I have tried so many different types of therapy and seen a few different therapists and nurses, which haven’t been much help.

Ruth (the therapist) was waiting outside to greet me and my mum when we arrived. She welcomed us into her clinic. At this stage, the appointment was about getting to know me and getting a brief understanding of my phobia. A few moments into the appointment, I already had hope and felt very optimistic that Ruth could help me. By the end of the session, I made another appointment to see Ruth in a weeks time and agreed to work through another two chapters of the book before I see her.

On the journey home, my mum and I chatted about the session and agreed that this was definitely something that had the potential to help me. As Ruth was speaking, mum said she was agreeing that I had all of the symptoms of an Emetophobic, which I think helped mum understand a bit more about it.

Overall, as you can probably tell, I am feeling very very hopeful about getting help this time around. Ruth said the average amount of sessions person usually has is six. After this – and with a lot of hard work- I should no longer have the phobia. How amazing would that be? My life will have completely and utterly changed. I am raring to go now!!!

I am going to be updating you on a regular basis with my progress and soon – I could be free from emetophobia!!!!

Do you suffer from any phobias, or know anyone that does?

Lots of love, Laura x



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