How I lost almost 4 Stone!

Happy Thursday everyone!

One of my most asked questions is: how did you lose weight?

Let’s just start by saying this did not happen overnight. It took a lot of effort and hard work to shift the pounds. In October 2014, I decided enough was enough, I had been eating whatever I wanted for a long time, I had been through some tough times and had been comfort eating big time! It got to the point where I was just eating for the sake of eating, and not because I was hungry and I didn’t even feel guilty about it, until I stepped onto those dreaded scales at Slimming World. I hadn’t weighed myself in months because I was just too ashamed of seeing how much I weighed. And I was completely horrified when I saw how much I did weigh, and the fact that somebody else saw how much I weighed too.

Before heading over to Slimming World  that night, my mum (who also joined SW the same time) and I decided to eat our last fish and chips and cake before stepping on the scales. We enjoyed every mouthful because we knew it was going to be a while before we could eat crap again. After attending Slimming World that night, we had all the information we needed to start our new lifestyle. Because that’s what it was, a lifestyle. I think that’s the main way I have managed to keep losing weight, by telling myself that I’m not on a diet, it’s a new lifestyle. We read all the books they gave us, had a look online to see which recipes we liked, then wrote out our menu for the week.

It was difficult to start off with, because we weren’t sure whether we were eating enough or eating too much, it was a little bit of a hit and miss, but after the first week of being on Slimming World, I had lost 6 pounds. Admittedly, I hadn’t been eating as much as I usually would have, because I was really in the zone, so I just went with it! I was eating a Tesco Healthy Living Bar for breakfast which are free, some fruit (usually a quarter of melon, grapes and pineapple) then for lunch I would have a mugshot or a salad which are also free, as an afternoon snack I would have a muller light toffee yoghurt or another bar and some more fruit. Surprisingly, this was getting me through the day. I cut my sugary drinks out completely and only drank water and diet drinks which I know aren’t great for you but they helped fill me up a bit. For tea I would have a slimming world recipe every night, some nights we would have chilli con carne, spag bol, stir fry, that sort of thing, which you can find on their website.


This was all I was eating for quite a while, which I don’t recommend because as you can see, it isn’t a lot. However, it worked for me and I’ve realised that before starting slimming world, I was eating way too much, and cutting down has done me the world of good. After being a part of slimming world for a few months now, I have started eating more during the day time, things like low fat crisps (quavers, ringo’s, french fries) and low fat bars and also I will have a yogurt after tea as I always fancy something sweet after a meal!

Now and then, I treat myself and get a chicken kebab or go out for tea at a restaurant, I don’t go absolutely mad because I just don’t fancy it anymore, but it’s allowed. You can go out and have a meal and a big ol’ bit of cake if you want, just remember to be good afterwards and not take it too far. If you don’t treat yourself now and again, you’ll end up going crazy. You’ve got to balance out your diet to stay healthy. The difference is that I used to do binge out almost every day, so cutting this out almost completely helped me to start with. My Slimming World Consultant told me that if you really fancy something, then eat it and make up for it by being good afterwards. This helped me so much because I could still enjoy my occasional cookie!


So on the left is me in October 2014. This wasn’t a great picture because it doesn’t show you just how big I was. When I was that big, I didn’t like taking photo’s of myself, so I don’t really have a proper ‘before and after’ picture but this is the best I could do!

The left is me in January 2015 after losing 2 and a half stone. I felt so much more confident and people had started noticing that I looked different and were complimenting me more. I felt like a better person in myself. I started going out more with my friends and wearing pretty clothes. I used to just hide away in leggings and baggy jumpers because they were comfortable.

11216075_10205888263861282_1047523936_n 11119392_10205888263621276_1986625728_n11255156_10205888288781905_1468317309_n11251527_10205888249620926_185311724_n

This is me now having lost nearly 4 stone. I feel so much better now and way more confident although I have completely lost my bum and boobs (I have never been blessed in the chest department unfortunately) BUT the weight has come off. I have been on diets before- herbalile and slimfast and even tea detox and nothing has worked as well as slimming world, because you can still enjoy amazing food and lose weight, what more could you want ❤

I will be posting some recipes that I love and tips of how to stay motivated because that is the key thing to losing weight. It will happen, it takes time and remember every day counts.

My next steps are to reach my 4 stone award and then start really toning up for my summer bod! Maybe re-join a gym or start doing exercises at home. If any of you out there have any Slimming world tips or recipes I would love to hear them! And if you’re thinking about joining Slimming World then I would 100% recommend it,

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Laura x


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