Relaxation Tips!

Before going to bed is a great time to wind down and relax which will help you sleep. Relaxing is important to me as I suffer from anxiety so these tips have really helped me out!

1) Deep Breathing

Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth as slowly as you can. Close your eyes if you want to and repeat as many times as you feel necessary. This helps you take control of your own breathing. I find counting to 5 while inhaling and exhaling very helpful too.

2) Stretch

Taking a couple of minutes away from your usual night time routine for a stretch is always a good way to unwind. Even if you are just standing up straight with your arms reaching as high as you can, or stretching your arms behind your back, anything that stretches out the muscles that you use regularly. This will help you focus on slowing your body down, ready for some beauty sleep.

3) Quiet Environment

If possible, sit in a room free of distractions or interruptions and get comfy. Make sure you find a point within the room of which you can focus on, this could be a drawing, a view from a window or a poster. Analyse this object, describe it to yourself in as much detail as you can with your eyes closed. This will help you reach a state of mindfulness.

4) Listen To Music

Music has the power to transform your mood. Songs that remind you of happy memories and good times are the best ones to listen to. Listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. If it helps to sing along then go for it, you can’t hear yourself when you’ve got earphones in, it’s fine!

5) Have a warm bath

A good bubble bath with some lavender oil can really help you relax. Turn the lights off, light some candles and youtube ‘relaxing music’ you are practically in a spa now. All you need is a glass of wine. PERFECT! 

5) Find your own unique method

Everyone is different, so if none of these steps are working for you then don’t panic. Some people wind down by watching their favorite TV shows, knitting or painting their nails. You don’t have to do yoga exercises every night if it’s not working for you. Listen to yourself and go with it.

I hope you guys have found these tips helpful, if you have any please comment below as I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love, Laura x


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