My favorite Thickening Conditioners

Hello everyone!

After years of bleaching my hair and using heat on it almost every day, it’s definitely taken a toll on my hair. It’s a lot more broken and thinner than it was. I hate looking back at pictures of myself from 4/5 years ago and seeing my hair thicker and longer! So I’ve set myself a challenge to only use heat on my hair on special occasions and try and thicken it up. I’ve used a few thickening conditioners that have made little to no difference. UNTIL I FOUND THESE BABIES….

Ion Thickening Conditioner


I bought this conditioner from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I think I paid about ยฃ7-ยฃ8. This is the conditioner I am currently using every time I wash my hair. I leave it on for about 3-4 minutes every time to get the maximum effect. People have already said that my hair is looking more full and thicker (I also haven’t been using ANY heat on my hair, which may be contributing to the more full effect) It is quite hard to squeeze out of the bottle because the product itself is really quite thick and is hard to spread on your hair so you have to use quite a lot. After washing it off, your hair will instantly feel smooth and thicker. I definitely recommend this product to anyone trying to thicken their hair.

Nanogen Thickening Conditioner for Women

I bought this product from Boots and I paid about ยฃ9.95. At first I thought this was a little bit pricey for a conditioner but I read reviews online and everybody said this is the best product they’ve used. Again, I used this every time I washed my hair and left it on for about 3-4 minutes. The texture was just like a normal conditioner and left my hair feeling and smelling amazing. It definitely gave my hair more volume. They also have a lot of other products that help thicken hair like their shampoos and thickening serum. Using all of these products together would give maximum effect!

I hope this has helped! Please feel free to comment if you have tried anything different or if you have tried these products, would love to know your opinions!

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love, Laura x


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