Things To Do Before I’m 25

Life is too short to be cooped up waiting for something bad to happen. It’s time to keep my chin up and think positively. A little ambitious, but that’s just what I’m like!

Visit America

One of the only places I have always wanted to see is America. It looks like such a beautiful place full of ideas and opportunities. I think it’s important to always have a place in mind when writing a bucket list, when you think big, bigger things happen.

Put a deposit down on a house

I’m hoping that if I start saving money now, in five years I will have enough to buy my own place. Something small with a little garden and a fireplace. Perfect!

Overcome my phobias

If anyone out there suffers/knows somebody that suffers from emetophobia or panic disorder, you will know that it completely takes over your life. I am currently trying my best to get rid of my phobia so I can do all the things that it’s prevented me from doing

Finish my course & have my own business

As mentioned in my ‘About Me’ page, I am currently studying Wedding and Event planning. After finishing the course I will receive a full qualification and the education and knowledge to start my own business as a wedding planner!!! EXCITED!

Be more healthy

Slimming world has helped me lose a lot of weight over the past few months and I am almost at the weight I want to be. I eat healthily now and I have quit smoking. My next steps are to re-join a gym and start up Yoga or Pilates. I’m not the most active person at the best of times but I’ve heard exercise really helps with anxiety. So I need to get involved with a few more active clubs and get fit!

Raise more money for Cancer Research

Every year I run the Race for Life to support Cancer Research UK, I usually raise about £100 which is a great personal target. It’s usually held on a day in the summer and I always run with my friends so it’s a day of great fun and for an absolutely fantastic cause. I want to raise so much money that it really makes a big difference in the research. I want cancer gone!!

Write a book

Or finish one…I should say! I’ve got tons of half-finished stories around my bedroom and loft. I love writing, I don’t know whether any of my stories are any good, but it’s so much fun to create anything I want with a pen and paper and let my imagination run wild. Sometimes I’m writing away and read it back and think, what the hell am I on about?! It would be such an achievement to actually finish one.

In five years time, what do you hope to achieve?

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

Lots of love, Laura x


19 thoughts on “Things To Do Before I’m 25

  1. Chelsie Lynne says:

    In the next five years I’m hoping to visit Ireland, Scotland, and Romania hopefully while we are over here in England we can see a lot more 🙂 Where in America are you wanting to see?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. buffblendbeauty says:

    I was really considering wedding planning but where I live there’s just no courses remotely close that I could do so I had to push that thought aside for a while.. I hope your loving it though!!! Xo


  3. buffblendbeauty says:

    I just realised your from Norwich! I’m not far away from there 🙂 where do you do your course? I went to Easton college after school but hated it 😂 xx

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  4. The Simple Beginner says:

    Great list of things to do before you’re 25! Being more healthier has always been in my ‘to-do’ list but sometimes reality to incorporate this is a bit challenging. I come from an Asian back ground, so white Jasmine rice comes into play for dinner every night (except weekends). I mean sure we can change the type of rice we eat but that’s not going to happen in this household especially since my dad hates basmati rice. Anyways, in the next five years, I’d love to achieve a consistent full-time job, travel around the world with my partner, build a house, get married and possibly have kids in the next 3 years! Haha, this sounds all scary to me but definitely worth it 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pandora's Box says:

      That’s brilliant, such lovely things to look forward to. What sort of job are you hoping to get? It definitely will be worth it. Travelling around the world sounds so much fun, I hope you achieve everything that you want to do 🙂 xx

      Liked by 2 people

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