My Beauty Bed Routine

My Beauty Bed Routine

1. Remove your make up

A simple one, but I know a lot of girlies out there that don’t do this. It’s so important to let your skin breathe for a few hours. Get a wipe or some make up remover and take it all off. It’s the best feeling after a hard day at the office to clean my face and feel fresh and it will help prevent break outs!

2. Tone

If you’ve got a toner, I’d recommend using it just before you go to bed. I use ‘Simple’ toner with face pads from ‘Boots’ to remove any excess make up from my face. It’s surprising how much makeup is left on your face once you think you’ve wiped it all off! Most toners contain essential vitamins for your skin, so using toners before bed helps restore natural vitamins to help you feel radiant in the morning!

3. Moisturize

Once you’ve got a squeaky clean face, give it some loving and apply your moisturizer for maximum beauty sleep. If you suffer from dry skin like me, you should notice the difference within a few days of moisturizing. Try to use non perfumed moisturizers for your face if you have sensitive skin.

4. Keep your hair down

I know it’s uncomfortable, the first thing I do when I get in is tie my hair up! But sleeping with your hair in a bun or a pony tail can cause breakage. If you suffer from knotty hair, try brushing your hair just before you go to bed so that it’s easier to brush in the morning.

5. Brush and Floss

It’s so important to brush and floss twice a day to get rid of any yellow stains on your teeth and any decay on the teeth. I’d advise using an electric toothbrush as they are my personal favorite! Brushing and flossing before you go to bed helps you wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

6. Get Plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important, not just to improve your mood and to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, but it also improves your memory, it can spur your creative side, maintain a healthy weight and can lower stress. Do you struggle to switch off? Try cutting out late night caffeine, eat a few hours before you plan on sleeping, have a warm bath to help you relax and write a to-do list for the next day (this will help you switch off and not worry about forgetting anything) and lastly, reading a book helps me the most, it distracts my mind from worrying and stressing about anything else, and helps me slowly drift off to sleep.

I hope these tips help! What is your beauty bed routine?

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Laura x


8 thoughts on “My Beauty Bed Routine

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    I think #4 is something I should do more often! Thanks for your simple steps and this routine sounds good and simple 🙂


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