Spring Nail Favorites

Good evening everyone!

As we are well into Spring now, I feel it is time to share my favorite nail varnishes that I have been using so far this Spring. I have always been a big fan of bright colours, especially on my toes because I think it makes them look neat and feminine. The colours here are pastel themed as pastels are a must this Spring!

spring favourites

Starting from the left of the picture,

max factor lollipop

Max Factor (Max Effect Mini Nail Polish) in Lollipop

This is actually a mini version as they did not have this colour in the full bottle which I was devastated about, but I could not leave the shop without buying it. I have always been a lover of pink nail varnish, this is more of a hot pink than a pastel pink and only takes a couple of coats to give the full colour. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the brush is a little too small but obviously if I was to get the full size, I probably wouldn’t have that problem! It also needs a good strong base and top coat as it is quite prone to chipping sadly, but if you layer it on (about 3 coats) you should be good to go for a couple of weeks!

top coat

Makeup Gallery (Well Polished Top and Base Coat with Ginseng) 

This little beauty is from Poundland! I know, it doesn’t sound very promising, but it is! It was getting towards the end of the month last month, and I was in desperate need of a new top&base coat, and whilst browsing through the good old poundland, I came across a new, quite professional looking bottle of clear polish. It instantly caught my eye because it just didn’t look cheap. I’ve tried it on a couple of times and it is a little bit watery at first, but give it a good shake and it works wonders. I always use a base coat, especially with my lovely bright colours for spring, they can stain your nails a little. I usually use two on the base and two on the top, just to be safe. This polish does the trick, and is only £1, can’t go wrong really!

yellow rimmel

Rimmel London -(60 Seconds Super Shine) Chin up Buttercup 

It’s yellow!! I’m being brave and wearing a yellow nail varnish. It’s bold, it’s fun, it looks soo pretty with a tan, and it also looks really nice as a statement nail (one nail painted with another colour on the other nails) My personal favorite is wearing it on my toes on a bright day with black sandals on. The fact that it’s 60 seconds super shine also appeals to me, I am one of those people that is way to impatient to wait for nail varnish to completely dry so it ends up smudging everywhere, so for this to dry within 60 seconds is my ideal polish! Go on, be brave and get out there! Get some yellow polish!!

rita ora bestival blue

Rimmel London (Rita Ora) Bestival Blue

This is one of my favorite nail varnishes that I own, I absolutely love this colour! I can’t get enough of it! Every time I have worn it, people have complimented it everywhere I go. It is a soft pastel blue that works so well with the Spring season, with all the floral prints and swing dresses, it just looks so cute. I always comment on the brushes because I think they are a really important part of the product, if the bottle has a good brush, it’s a winner! This bottle has quite a thick brush, which means less hassle and faff! I have a really really tiny little toe so the nail is almost non-existent but I work around it! I recommend this nail varnish if you usually like Rimmel products because this is one of the best 🙂

avon orange crush

Avon (Gel Finish Nail Enamel) Orange Crush

Another bright colour for spring. Orange! This time it’s a gel colour which is thicker and lasts longer than a usual nail polish with a shine finish. Avon nail varnishes are an absolute star buy for me because they have never failed to disappoint me. I usually get a couple every campaign to show my customers what new colours Avon have and how they look. This one is one that I have been showing off for a couple of weeks now and a lot of people have given me positive feedback. To buy from Avon just visit their website, view the online brochure and click on any product which is added to your basket. So simple and worth it when it arrives at your door!

Last but not least, another pastel colour from Avon’s new range.

avon sea breeze

Avon (Nailwear Pro+) Sea Breeze

Not usually a green person but this pastel green is just right for me. It’s subtle and soft and getting me in the mood for all the summery colours to come. I’ve used this colour a few times now, I worried that it may not go with some of my outfits but i’ve found it goes with almost everything. My personal favorite is wearing it with white jeans, black strappy top and open toed black sandals. The brush is a perfect size (all Avon polishes are the same size) and takes about 2 coats to reach maximum effect and leaves a lovely glossy finish! 🙂

nail tool

Avon (2 in 1 Nail Tool) 

If you’re a fan of giving your nails a little something extra, then you need to invest in one of  these nail tools! One end has a very small brush which is great for detailing and the other end is an even smaller circle which I’ve used a few times for polka dots and things like that. There are so many things you can do with a nail tool. I always see things online that I would love to try like flowers and shapes on nails.  Anyway, this nail tool from Avon does the job, plain and simple. A great buy for your new floral spring nails 🙂

If you try or have tried any of these polishes, I’d love to know how you get on with them and whether you like them or not!

What are your Spring favorites?

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Laura x

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One thought on “Spring Nail Favorites

  1. cerysmai says:

    I love all the pastel shades done by Rimmel London. I have never tried Avon but after this i may have a gander at their nail polishes 🙂 But recently I received some yellow nail polish by Wah London which is such a lovely bright colour for summer I would really recommend for your collection!


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