Affordable Favourites!

Hello everyone! When I look around and see loads of expensive products on here it fills me with joy, I would love to have all of those lovely things. Sometimes it's just not possible, especially now that I am saving lots of my money to buy a house! Here is my Affordable Favourites post, for those … Continue reading Affordable Favourites!


Friday’s Face!

It's Friday WOOOO!! What does that mean to me? A cosy night in with a chicken kebab, some diet coke, my bed and a lot of Netflix. Sounds good doesn't it? Since being signed off work since Monday, I have had a panic attack every day and walked out of about 17 situations which could … Continue reading Friday’s Face!

Relaxation Tips!

Before going to bed is a great time to wind down and relax which will help you sleep. Relaxing is important to me as I suffer from anxiety so these tips have really helped me out! 1) Deep Breathing Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth as slowly as you can. Close … Continue reading Relaxation Tips!