Affordable Favourites!

Hello everyone! When I look around and see loads of expensive products on here it fills me with joy, I would love to have all of those lovely things. Sometimes it's just not possible, especially now that I am saving lots of my money to buy a house! Here is my Affordable Favourites post, for those … Continue reading Affordable Favourites!


Tricks to Prevent Split Ends!

It's that time of the week again that I share my favourite tips with my favourite people. I am always taking on board new tips and tricks to get healthy looking hair after over using bleach and heat on my hair, I'm desperate to get it looking beautiful again, and these following tips have made … Continue reading Tricks to Prevent Split Ends!

Friday’s Face!

It's Friday WOOOO!! What does that mean to me? A cosy night in with a chicken kebab, some diet coke, my bed and a lot of Netflix. Sounds good doesn't it? Since being signed off work since Monday, I have had a panic attack every day and walked out of about 17 situations which could … Continue reading Friday’s Face!

Relaxation Tips!

Before going to bed is a great time to wind down and relax which will help you sleep. Relaxing is important to me as I suffer from anxiety so these tips have really helped me out! 1) Deep Breathing Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth as slowly as you can. Close … Continue reading Relaxation Tips!